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Forward-Thinking Industry Professionals

3 Ways Publishers Can Use Email Marketing to Drive Traffic

Christopher Lester, VP of Sales, Emma

Publishers spend a lot of time and effort promoting their authors, plugging future bestsellers and courting new literary talent. But many struggle to dedicate that same level of attention to their own brand. One tried and true solution for publishers: Email.



Brian Jud's Beyond the Bookstore

Brian Jud

How Publishers Can Generate Fresh Demand for Their Books in New Markets

The payoff to developing new markets for your content can be enormous. Consider the difference between Apple and Microsoft. Between 2001 and 2015 Apple has made significant moves to create or enter new markets by introducing the iPod, iTunes, the iPhone, the App Store, the iPad, and the iWatch (and soon, online television). Its sales and profits increased massively. Read More >>


The Learning Curve

Ellen Harvey

3 Ways Publishers Can Improve Their Social Media Strategy

Yesterday I read a great post by Jane Friedman, advisor to authors on all things publishing, that had some helpful tips for authors trying to attract a wider audience on social media. You can read the full post here, but I thought I'd share some quick takeaways that publishers can use to improve their social media efforts. Read More >>


Joe Wikert's Digital Content Strategies

Joe Wikert

How Cell Phones Will Recommend Content in the Not-Too-Distant Future

Every year it seems our cell phones take on new roles in our lives. Long ago flip phones merely enabled you to make calls. Today's smartphones are loaded with sensors to do everything from track your health to tell you about a sale at a local store.

I think it's time for our phones to do even more and this involves the convergence of content and technology to automatically create the digital story of your life.



The Futurists

Publishing Pioneers

Electric Yarn Believes The Future of Reading is Channel-Agnostic

Over the past decade, publishers have admirably pivoted toward digital content production, creating ebooks, apps, and even video to accompany their traditional print offerings. But by in large, publishers have not adopted an expansive media role-book publishing is still the core business. Electric Yarn, a self-styled "next generation content studio," takes a different approach. Read More >>


Hot Topic

Thinkers on the Leading Edge

Publishers Can Boost Discoverability with Newly Released Web Domains

Ray King, CEO, Top Level Design

A slew of new web domains are dramatically changing the face of the Internet by providing more tailored domains beyond ".com" and ".net" that speak to websites specific interests. With this sudden rush of new online real estate, publishers can capitalize on the domain expansion to make their websites and products more accessible to readers.




Literally Speaking

The Stories Behind the Stories We Publish

Lynn Rosen

A Vending Machine That Delivers Literature

In a trendy coffee shop called Elixr, on a side street off of Philadelphia’s toney Rittenhouse Square, there is funky décor, loud music, strong coffee, and, by the door, a small vending machine. From this machine, for two dollars, one can purchase not cigarettes or candy or any of those other typically unhealthy vending machine wares, but, instead, a short story. Read More >>