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Joe Wikert's Digital Content Strategies

Joe Wikert

How Curation Automation Is Going to Disrupt Content Consumption

The best content curators have extensive topic knowledge and a knack for reader interests and preferences. That sounds like something only a living, breathing human can do, right? While that's largely the case today, I believe technology will drive the biggest advancements in content curation tomorrow. Read More >>


Brian Jud's Beyond the Bookstore

Brian Jud

How to Plan for the Future of Publishing

As publishers, we make decisions every day that impact the future of our business. And as small-business people we tend to rely on our experience and gut feelings rather than upon external objective data. But by relying too much on intuition we reinforce the assumed precision of our decision, and possibly inhibit innovative thinking. Read More >>


Leading Thoughts

Forward-Thinking Industry Professionals

6 Ways to Modernize Book Marketing with Social Media

Michelle Drucker, Manager of Marketing, BookPal

Traditional book-marketing strategies are dying. The placement of a book in a bookstore window doesn't have the same impact it did ten years ago. In this new world of constant technological noise, how do you successfully market a new book?



The Learning Curve

Ellen Harvey

How Cengage, HarperCollins, and Scribd Are Using Data Analytics

Tom Breur, VP of data analytics at Cengage, Adam Silverman, senior director of digital business development at HarperCollins, and Andrew Weinstein, VP of content acquisition at Scribd share great tips for integrating data insights into a publishing organization.


The Futurists

Publishing Pioneers

Electric Yarn Believes The Future of Reading is Channel-Agnostic

Over the past decade, publishers have admirably pivoted toward digital content production, creating ebooks, apps, and even video to accompany their traditional print offerings. But by in large, publishers have not adopted an expansive media role-book publishing is still the core business. Electric Yarn, a self-styled "next generation content studio," takes a different approach. Read More >>