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Brian Jud's Beyond the Bookstore

Brian Jud

Marketing Choreography (Better Known as Planning)

A good marketing strategy defines how you will enter new markets (as described in my blog "Marketing Strategy Rules"). The next step is to decide the best way to implement that strategy, and then organize your actions to facilitate implementation. That is the process of planning. Read More >>


Hot Topic

Thinkers on the Leading Edge

Publishers Can Boost Discoverability with Newly Released Web Domains

Ray King, CEO, Top Level Design

A slew of new web domains are dramatically changing the face of the Internet by providing more tailored domains beyond ".com" and ".net" that speak to websites specific interests. With this sudden rush of new online real estate, publishers can capitalize on the domain expansion to make their websites and products more accessible to readers.




Joe Wikert's Digital Content Strategies

Joe Wikert

Three Lessons from comScore’s Latest Mobile Apps Report

comScore recently published a 15-page report on the state of mobile apps. It's well worth reading in its entirety, but if you don't have the time, here are the three big takeaways for content publishers: Read More >>


The Futurists

Publishing Pioneers

Books From Scratch Harkens Back to the Age of Serials

Books From Scratch is a collaborative writing platform in which writers submit chapters to continue a story and readers upvote their favorite submissions. And like other crowdsourcing sites, Books From Scratch is dedicated to vetting the best collaborative tales and preparing them for publication. Read More >>


Leading Thoughts

Forward-Thinking Industry Professionals

Why Book Publishers Should Pay Attention to the Developing World

Book sales in the U.S. and Europe have been stagnant for years. While publishers design creative campaigns to turn Twitter followers into customers, they often ignore a much larger and more challenging prize: developing nations. Read More >>


The Learning Curve

Ellen Harvey

Are Publishers’ Losing Their Best Bargaining Chip Against Amazon?

I try not to be a proponent for or against Amazon. But I have to say, I was a bit worried after reading David Streitfeld's article in The New York Times a few days ago, "Amazon, a Friendly Giant as Long as It's Fed." If the title wasn't ominous enough, the sentiment of one of Amazon's authors, Vincent Zandri, was. Read More >>


Literally Speaking

The Stories Behind the Stories We Publish

Lynn Rosen

A Vending Machine That Delivers Literature

In a trendy coffee shop called Elixr, on a side street off of Philadelphia’s toney Rittenhouse Square, there is funky décor, loud music, strong coffee, and, by the door, a small vending machine. From this machine, for two dollars, one can purchase not cigarettes or candy or any of those other typically unhealthy vending machine wares, but, instead, a short story. Read More >>