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The Futurists

Publishing Pioneers

“Instagram of Books” Helps Readers Find What Their Friends & Idols Are Reading

Mike Eidlin, co-founder of social book discovery platform bookmarq, believes the one thing keeping casual readers from becoming avid readers is discoverability. "We all used to be casual readers until we found that one book that really shook our worlds and got us to read more," he says. Through the bookmarq app, Eidlin and his team are helping readers find those earth-shattering books by facilitating book recommendations from users' friends, celebrities, and top authors. Read More >>


The Learning Curve

Ellen Harvey

Penguin Random House Revamps Its Author Portal

I have always maintained that authors are the most valuable assets that publishers have. Without talented authors and the valuable content they produce, we wouldn't have a publishing industry. This isn't a controversial statement, but it's amazing how many authors argue that their publishers, particularly in trade publishing, do not value their work. This complaint commonly comes from mid-list authors who witness their bestselling counterparts receiving the majority of marketing dollars... Read More >>


Joe Wikert's Digital Content Strategies

Joe Wikert

Automation May Be Road Forward for Enriched Ebooks

You've probably heard me say that we live in a print-under-glass world, one where we're consuming dumb content on smart devices.­­ It's true simply because, as Michael Bhaskar of Canelo Publishing stated it at BEA, "publishers treat ebooks as a secondary priority." Read More >>


Brian Jud's Beyond the Bookstore

Brian Jud

How to Reinvent Your Publishing Company for Sustained Growth

One difficulty that inhibits the growth of book publishing companies is that they think of themselves as book publishing companies, selling books through bookstores (bricks and clicks) and to perhaps to libraries. However, the advent of, ebooks, social media, and more demanding customer expectations challenges that philosophy. In order to compete, publishers need to explore new revenue opportunities and marketing strategies.



Leading Thoughts

Forward-Thinking Industry Professionals

Publishers Can Reap Big Rewards from Developing Strong Author Brands

When I talk to my friends who are agents and publishers, they tell me that digital marketing is one of the first opportunities they discuss with their authors. They provide advice and documents that walk authors through digital marketing possibilities and timelines. The bigger publishers even have author portals with useful information around sales data, social media metrics, and more. I wonder then, why do so many authors I speak to about branding say, "Why didn't someone tell

...