Mark Gross

Mark Gross

Mark Gross, president of Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), is an authority on XML implementation and document conversion. Prior to joining DCL in 1981, Gross was with the consulting practice of Arthur Young & Co. He has a B.S. degree in Engineering from Columbia University and an MBA from New York University. He also has taught at the New York University Graduate School of Business, the New School, and Pace University. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of automated conversions to XML and SGML.


STM Publishers Beware: The Hunt Is on for Plagiarized Images

Plagiarism in the scientific community is not new, but has become a recurring theme in the past few years due to a few scandals both in STM journals and in publications that are more general. Why now? I can offer a few explanations. For one, there is greater pressure in the academic community to publish…

If You Build Better Metadata, Readers Will Come

Creating or aggregating content and actually getting readers to see it are two sides of the same coin. Without both content and a reliable way for people to find it, the motivation to create or house such content becomes less. One feeds the other. So, how do content aggregators and authors find that sweet spot…

The Survey Says – Without XML You’re Leaving Money on the Table

Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) and the Center for Informational Development (CIDM) asked publishers how they are developing and publishing their content in our 4th annual survey, “Following the Trends.” With close to 350 participants ranging from writers to content strategists, information architects, and publishers, the breadth of knowledge and insight was prodigious. Each year this…

The Non-Linear Reading Revolution Is Now. Here's How Publishers Are Handling It

Going mobile is more than just big pages fitting on tiny screens. Mobile requires content to be organized so that it can be quickly served up in bite-sized chunks into any of the myriad forms that users might want, because today’s consumers want their content their way, on their devices, and in their timeframes. Publishers…

6 Ideas for Generating Revenue with Repurposed Content

The publishing landscape has changed rapidly over the past decade. With more and more brick-and-mortar bookstores closing their doors, today's marketplace can seem intimidating and discouraging to publishers. But take heart!  Readers are still interested in books and are showing interest in using electronic devices as their reading platforms, so the good news is that those collections of titles gathering dust still hold value, and technology might actually facilitate increased revenue.

Big Idea: How to Monetize Those Nuggets of Content Gold

Many organizations, such as publishers, technical societies, membership associations, libraries, and government agencies all have unique collections of valuable content that are rarely seen. In these days of big data, you might be asking, "Who needs even more data?" But yes, even in age of information, there is a need for well-considered, thoughtfully curated content, and some of that might be in your archives, or maybe in boxes somewhere in the basement.