Noelle Skodzinski

Noelle Skodzinski
App Watch

New apps from Scholastic Media, Irwin Law and Springer.

Editor's Note: Book Business Extra to Go Daily

Get ready to gain access to more great publishing news and information. On Dec. 5, Book Business Extra will become a daily e-newsletter, called Publishing Business Today.

11 Best Business Decisions of 2011

In a time of significant flux in the industry, publishing executives are faced with more pressure than ever to examine their businesses and make decisions that will lead them to a profitable future. Book Business checked in with the leaders of publishing companies of various sizes and scopes—from Scholastic to Springer to Merriam-Webster to Triple Crown—to find out what their best business decisions of the year have been.

Show Your Readers 
the Way … to Your Content

In this issue, Jesse McDougall's E-marketing Strategy column talks about the benefits of e-mail newsletters (or e-mail communication of any kind, really) for communicating directly with your audience.

No Storybook Ending for Borders Group

50 years ago, Lawrence Hoyt opened The Walden Book Store, which would later become Borders Group. Now, Borders is closing its doors for good.

21 Tips For Developing Your Mobile Game Plan

Book Business asked several industry executives who have hiked the mobile mountain successfully to share their insights on how to develop a successful mobile strategy.

Mobile: The Web 
All Over Again?

In the feature "21 Tips for Developing Your Mobile Game Plan," Merriam-Webster President and Publisher John Morse makes a really interesting point.

Making Your E-books Accessible

E-books provide a great opportunity for providing the visually and otherwise impaired with access to books which they would otherwise not have access.

Beyond Borders

When I was a kid, we went to the library to browse books. I had no particular idea what I was looking for; I just loved walking up and down the aisles finding the unexpected.

Thoughts on 'Why the iPad Couldn’t Kill the Kindle'

Today, Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt wrote in his blog "Why the iPad Couldn't Kill the Kindle."

He wrote: "When Apple launched the iPad last spring, most everyone assumed it would kill the Kindle. After all, the iPad had a multi-touch screen, a crisp, color display, the ability to view books, photos, and movies, and run thousands of applications."

He also writes: "it is clear that we have two distinct product classes here with less overlap than originally thought. Apparently, the market is big enough for both." On this point, I don't disagree, however, I don't believe the battle is over.

Thinking ‘Outside the Book’

Diversification. In simple terms, the concept can be summarized by a well-known saying: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

The 'ATM for Books'

Tom Allen discusses the growth of the Espresso Book Machine, its potential in the evolving book publishing marketplace, and more.

A Bridge to 
Global Bookselling

The publishing arm of L. Ron Hubbard's collection of writings and lectures, Bridge Publications, is, according to the company, the world's largest, all-digital print-on-demand publishing house.