Whitney Reed

Whitney Reed
A Partner in Green

Regular readers of this irregular environmental publishing column know that in January we told you about the Green Press Inititative's (GPI) new Environmentally Responsible Publisher Certification (ERPC).

The program gives publishers a way to gauge (and tout) their environmental responsibility. But what if you don't know where to start?

GPI has launched consulting services to help publishing companies acquire the tools they need to become environmentally responsible.

What Publishers are Launching in the Mobile Space

Based on the series “The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod” by New York Times best-selling YA author Heather Brewer, High School Bites allows users to enter into the blood-sucking world of Vladimir Tod, Brewer’s hero whose human mother and vampire father perished in a fire. Special features of High School Bites include two different ways to play—either swiping the screen or tilting the device—and three different levels of difficulty, which users can increase as they progress.

No More Divides, A Global Publishing Plan for HarperCollins

With the technologies now available to book publishers, it is easier than ever to print and distribute books: With the push of a button, books can now be delivered digitally or printed on demand. This has proven great for consumers; it could also be beneficial for publishers, as evidenced by HarperCollins’ new plan for world domination. No, not world domination in the Dr. Evil sense; rather, HarperCollins Publishing is leaping on the POD (print on demand) train with the launch of its global publishing program, HarperCollins 360.