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A Traditional Printing Company with a Twist
August 12, 2013

With run sizes decreasing and faster turn around times always increasing, McArdle, a traditional printer since 1947, has transitioned to high-speed Océ digital presses. McArdle teamed with Canon Solutions America for quick installation and training and tapped into the PressGo! business development program to gain a competitive edge and grow their business. View the McArdle video.

Canon Solutions America: Professional Services that Work article
August 12, 2013

Ed Jansen, Vice President of the Production Print Solutions Professional Services Group at Canon Solutions America, explains how his team members deliver workflow solutions that increase efficiency and deliver a competitive edge. They work closely with customers to ensure smooth integration of legacy machines with new technologies.

Building Strategic Partnerships
July 3, 2013

Eric Hawkinson, Director of Marketing for Canon Solutions America Production Print Solutions shares three key ways Canon Solutions America builds strategic partnerships. Eric's experience and passion for building communities give him a unique perspective on the power of networking and partnering. Read More: Building Strategic Partnerships.

The Me-Book
July 1, 2013

Ebooks get a lot of attention, but there is another publishing world that exists in parallel with the commercial publishing world we see and know. It is the shadow world that evolved from the copier and later the digital printer — for the first time, individuals could make their own books.

FREE Webinar Now Available: Integrating the Publishing Process from End-to-End
May 1, 2013

Today, book publishers must adapt quickly to emerging digital technologies. With the surge in digital book delivery, no industry has experienced a greater transformation. Canon Solutions America sponsors this webinar, which explores the process of distributing content through both traditional and electronic channels.

FREE InfoTrends White Paper: Road Map 2013: Business Development Strategy
April 3, 2013

As the book publishing industry continues to evolve with new technologies and tools, it's critical to filter core trends from the noise to establish the right path for your business. Canon Solutions America invites you to read what the experts at InfoTrends see as the top ten trends you should consider in this free downloadable white paper.

Sherlock Holmes Rights Dispute Roils Baker Street
March 7, 2013

Devotees of Sherlock Holmes are a famously obsessive bunch, and in the 126 years since Arthur Conan Doyle introduced his coolheaded detective they have certainly had plenty of real-world intrigues to ponder alongside fictional ones like “The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle.”

There have been fierce battles over control of Conan Doyle’s estate and the preservation of his former home in Surrey, England — to say nothing of the wild speculations surrounding the mysterious 2004 death of a prominent Holmes scholar who was found garroted with a shoelace shortly before a controversial auction of Conan Doyle papers.

The Rise of the Full-Color Book
March 1, 2013

We know that books printed digitally have tended to be, like the old stitch about newspapers, black and white and read all over. For most of digital printing's existence, producing professional four-color books just wasn't possible; you had to use offset. But the times they are a-changing, and technological advances are making the production of full-color books in longer short runs more feasible and economical than ever before. The advent of sheetfed digital printing brought us the ability to print full-color books in very short runs—it was responsible for opening up the high-growth photo book market. Now "4-up" and roll-fed "printer/presses" are further changing the full-color publishing paradigm.

Before we go further, let's define some terms, as printers are, in essence, quite different from presses. Printers regenerate the impression for each copy from a digital file, which allows them to use electronic collation and print the pages of a book block in order. Presses, on the other hand, use a physical image carrier (a plate) to reproduce large printed sheets which are folded into signatures, gathered and bound. But printers become, in essence, presses when either the sheet size or output speed starts to approach the specs of an analog reproduction device (aka a press). A "printer/press" is my term for printers that have many characteristics of a press.

Paper is Part of the Process
November 1, 2012

If you've been following the printing world—and if you're reading this column we've got a hunch that you have—you know that advances in digital printing have transformed the technology from the world of the small-run to a viable print-on-demand option for publishers of all sizes and stripes. But don't be fooled: Digital and offset lithography remain quite different beasts.

INTERQUEST Digital Book Printing Forum Draws Industry Professionals to Frankfurt
October 8, 2012

INTERQUEST, a leading market and technology research and consulting firm serving the digital printing and publishing industry, today announced a rich and diverse lineup of speakers and panelists for its second Frankfurt Digital Book Printing Forum. The full-day educational forum focuses on trends and opportunities in digital book manufacturing.