Book Wars: A Monopolist Vs. The Cartel
June 9, 2014

The book world is once again in a state of high dudgeon over the "thuggish" behavior of Amazon, which has begun slow-walking customer orders for books published by Hachette (James Patterson, Malcolm Gladwell, a.k.a. J.K. Rowling) in an effort to win more favorable terms in its next contract with the publisher. In a series of breathless commentaries, Amazon has been likened to Vladimir Putin, Tony Soprano and Darth Vader, and accused of pursuing a "scorched-earth capitalism" designed to drive all publishers and competing booksellers out of business

Target to Offer Ebooks Through Partnership WIth Librify
May 29, 2014

Target wants to help host your book club - online. As the retailer works to build a more competitive e-commerce experience, it's partnering with a startup e-book subscription service called Librify to give customers an online platform for buying, sharing, and discussing their favorite books.

Mills and Boon Embarks on New Chapter in Digital Storytelling with 'The Chatsfield'
May 6, 2014

Mills and Boon, the Harlequin-owned book publisher best known for its saucy women's fiction, is embarking on a new chapter in storytelling, with the launch of digital series The Chatsfield.

The series is not just an eBook, or an eBook with hyperlinks or video added. Harlequin has taken traditional storytelling and turned it on its head, creating non-linear stories in bite-sized chunks that are designed to be told in real-time.

Applying Moneyball in Publishing
May 5, 2014

We're swimming in a sea of numbers. Sales data, subscriber trends, website analytics, etc., are just a few of the indicators we can touch on a daily basis. The key is to figure out which numbers to pay close attention to and which can be ignored.

Building an App for Mobile YA Book Discovery
April 24, 2014

SmackFiction's aim is to increase reading activity and improve discovery of books with a mobile app. Publishers told us that the hardest markets to reach were Young Adults and New Adults, because their traditional promotional activities completely missed this group. We ran a series of focus groups with 15-25 year olds to find out how we could motivate this group to download an app and then keep using it. The readers told us they would like to find good books to read, and were frustrated that it was so hard to find them.

RIP for OED as World's Finest Dictionary Goes Out of Print
April 21, 2014

It is the world's most definitive work on the most global language, but the Oxford English Dictionary may be disappearing from bookshelves forever. Publishers fear the next edition will never appear in print form because its vast size means only an online version will be feasible, and affordable, for scholars.

The London Book Fair: Many Tote Bags but Few Industry Solutions
April 21, 2014

I have been at the London Book Fair for approximately eight minutes when I officially decide that I am not meant to be at the London Book Fair.

Don't worry: I haven't snuck in or anything. Well, it is a little iffy - at the entrance, I manage to bypass some sort of elaborate form-filling-out process when they ask for my press card and I say, almost by way of a challenge, "I'm American?" as though Americans do not have press cards. 

Penguin Random House U.K. Launches "My Independent Bookstore"
April 8, 2014

Penguin Random House announced the launch of social retail platform "My Independent Bookshop" yesterday. The website, now in beta, allows users to compile their 12 favorite titles to create a virtual bookshop. Authors can participate as well and set up shop with their most recent works. The recommendation engine is linked to major social channels such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, allowing bookshop creators to share their favorite works with their friends and family.