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Under Pamela Paul, a New Books Desk Takes Shape at the 'Times'
September 2, 2016 at 11:14 am

In mid August, New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet announced in a note to staff that New York Times Book Review editor Pamela Paul would oversee all Times books and publishing industry coverage. Two weeks later, how exactly this move might change coverage is beginning to come to light. “The question about whether to…

The New York Times Is Publishing a Print-Only Novel Excerpt This Sunday
August 5, 2016 at 1:33 pm

Even as The New York Times prioritizes digital expansion, with a stated goal of reaching $800 million in digital revenue by 2020, the paper is also trying to milk as much as it can out of its print products, which still drive most of its revenue. In its latest attempt to incentivize print, the Times…

New York Times to Launch 12 New Monthly Best Sellers Lists
September 12, 2014

The New York Times team plans to implement several changes to the book review section over the next few months.

Henceforth, The New York Times Book Review will feature twelve new best sellers lists. These new monthly lists will cover the following genres: politics, business, travel, humor, family, relationships, animals, religion, spirituality and faith, celebrities, food and fitness, science, and sports. Other additional lists will be introduced in 2015.

Book Publishing, Not Fact-Checking
September 5, 2014

"A lot of readers have the perception that when something arrives as a book, it's gone through a more rigorous fact-checking process than a magazine or a newspaper or a website, and that's simply not that case," Silverman said. He attributes this in part to the physical nature of a book: Its ink and weight imbue it with a sense of significance unlike that of other mediums.

Fact-checking dates back to the founding of Time in 1923, and has a strong tradition at places like Mother Jones and The New Yorker. But it's becoming less and less common

Author Published Multiple Lie-Riddled Biographies Through Simon & Schuster, Random House
August 28, 2014

All the celebrity bios Heymann wrote for them and other publishers-dealing with JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe-are riddled with errors and fabrications. An exhaustive cataloging of those mistakes would fill a book, so a sampling from his long career will have to suffice.

His given name was Clemens Claude Oscar Heymann. He was a large man, known for chomping on cigars,

How Amazon Brought Publishing to Its Knees - And Why Authors Might Be Next
August 1, 2014

Morgan Entrekin is happy with the relationships he's developed with Amazon. As the president of independent publisher Grove/Atlantic Books, he witnessed the industry change as Amazon's introduction of the Kindle helped publishers like him embrace the digital revolution that has battered other industries. It's the future that he's worried about.


Byliner Gone Bad And The Business of Longform Journalism on The Web
July 7, 2014

On Christmas Eve Day in 2012, I sat in a Starbucks and wrote an enthusiastic post about why it had been the year of the e-single. E-singles - works of journalism between 3,000 to 15,000 words, usually nonfiction and sold as individual ebooks - were "a true digital-native format," I wrote, "the format for our time," ideal to read curled up with your iPad. With the crash and burn of Byliner this year, however, my enthusiasm seems less than prescient. Byliner, which launched in 2011, was one of the darlings of the literary startup scene

#Hashtag Book Titles Trend Is A Gimmick That Works – For Now
June 24, 2014

Can a book "go viral" in the same way a cat video on YouTube can? Unless it's Harry Potter or Fifty Shades of Grey, probably not. So rather than simply trying to reach mass audiences, some authors and publishers are trying to reach smart subsets of audiences with hashtagged book titles. It's a gimmick that works - for now.

Sophia Amoruso's #Girlboss hit the shelves in May, featuring the Nasty Gal CEO sporting plenty of cleavage in a black dress, fists defiantly planted on her hips. Another new release, Sarah Ockler's young adult novel #Scandal