Summer 2015


How Geolocation & Beacons will Help Book Publishers Go Mobile

When my two-year-old nephew Jack wakes from a nap, the first words from his little mouth are often, "Mama... iPad." You can argue the implications of that desire, but for Jack the touch screen genie long ago escaped the bottle...

PRH Consumer Marketing Director Focuses on Discoverability and UX

Back in April Penguin Random House announced the relaunch of its website. The move was made in part to further consolidate Penguin and Random House operations, but it was also a significant strategic shift toward marketing titles directly to readers. “We believe that we can serve our authors even better by building strong relationships with…

Querium Tackles the Mobile Problem in Digital Education

This year's BookExpo America Startup Challenge winner was a bit of a dark horse, at least according to its co-founder, president and CEO Kent A. Fuka. "I was concerned about our chances because we're primarily in the education sector and BookExpo isn't really an education-focused conference." There was no need to worry, as Querium -- an adaptive learning software that takes users step by step through math and science problems -- took home the top prize of $10,000 and a free exhibit space at BEA 2016 in Chicago.

Summer Issue of Book Business is All About Meeting Readers Where They Are

The Summer Issue of Book Business showcases leaders who are pushing the limits of how books can be created and shared in order to better serve readers and meet them where they are. The idea of “meeting readers where they are” takes a number of forms in this issue but it seems to coalesce around…

The Future of Ebook Production Is Single-Sourced

Single-sourcing eliminates the redundancy, cost, and inconsistency for creating print and ebook editions, but it’s underutilized.