Despite one of the worst levels of Internet connectivity in the world, Cuba continues to take shy steps towards the digital world.

Be it Fifty Shades of Grey, now a US blockbuster, or Cuban novelist Leonardo Padura's bestseller The Man Who Loved Dogs, informal book downloads are today swelling the databases of Cuba's still scarce but coveted e-readers.

This incipient phenomenon is flourishing like the weekly "package," an informal compilation of pirated materials downloaded from the Internet that are practically delivered to the homes of consumers in Havana and other cities.

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Penguin Group (USA) and Cala Enterprises will launch the publication of the Book by Ismael Cala, The Power of Listening –on sale August 6-, with a book cover selection contest. The Power of Listening was written by Ismael Cala, Host of “CALA” a primetime talk show on CNN in Spanish & CNN Latino and one of the most important Latino Television interviewers in the United States and Latin America -considered by many the “Larry King Latino”-.

We’ve been covering the international e-book scene for some time here at TeleRead, but Cuba is one county we haven’t had the opportunity to discuss much at all. TeleRead founder David Rothman wrote this thought provoking piece about the Cuban literary landscape back in April 2009. But given that Cuba is a county with virtually no digital publishing [...]

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