United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates newspaper The National has an article about a UAE librarian who feels that the Internet is “killing” the Arabic language, making people too lazy to find information in a book rather than on-line. One of few librarians in the UAE, 57-year-old Abdul Razak Al Khumairi works at the new UAE and [...]

The Reader’s Digest Association has announced that it will begin a book-publishing program in the United Arab Emirates, joining forces with Motivate Publishing, the leading book and magazine publisher in the region. The company will begin publishing there this month with the launch of “Discovering the Wonders of Our World,” a best-selling general interest book that Reader’s Digest has already published worldwide, including in six countries in the past three years. “We see this as a first step in the region, and we look forward to exploring the potential for further expansion,” says Thomas D. Gardner, president of Reader’s Digest International. “We are delighted to

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