It remains one of the paradoxes of publishing that while the popularity of essays and shortform writing (or longform journalism) multiplies online, short stories - as books or ebooks - remain one of the hardest sells around. Everyone seems to have time for the latest political thinkpiece or tech industry encomium, but few people spend a comparable time with short fiction.

Manchester-based Comma Press specialises in short stories, so this paradox is something it's interested in addressing. Comma has always been experimental, starting as an artists' group

UK literary site The Real Story, “a celebration of creative non-fiction” supported by you by Openstories, “a Manchester-based arts organisation that runs digital literature projects,” is looking for local non-fiction writers and prose poets for a series of nights or reading events devoted to the non-fiction writer’s craft. “Essayists, creative non-fictioneers, prose poets… we want to […]

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I'm a punk publisher, me, following the DIY, independent attitude of the music scene I grew up with. As I didn't have thousands of pounds to spare I opted for print-on-demand where the initial costs are low. You can print anything from one to one million. I think this relatively new technology has revolutionised and democratized publishing. The next major innovation for the company I use is print as you wait books.

Competition in the book market is often fierce, and many book designers opt for foil, metallic, UV coating, or new or unusual substrates to set their titles apart and attract consumers. The challenges in committing to such innovative techniques are often difficulty, cost and production deadlines—using alternative materials can be more expensive, more complex to produce and more time-consuming. What it often comes down to is: Will the potential added time and expense translate into additional sales for this specific title? Some considerations publishers have to weigh before adding extras are the prestige of the author or project, the quality of the project

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