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Publishing giant Random House is partnering with Food Network to create a television series based on the upcoming cookbook The New Midwestern Table by Amy Thielen. The series will be called Heartland Table and will star Thielen, a James Beard Award-winning food writer and former professional cook. The show premieres on September 14th, and the book hits shelves on September 24th. According to the press release below, the show marks the first time an author's cookbook and television show "have both been produced internally by Random

A 15-year-old Charles Ardai wanted to interview Isaac Asimov for a magazine article about a new videogame based on the latter’s novel Robots of Dawn. Ardai called up the science-fiction writer’s publisher, Doubleday, and said, “I’d like to interview Isaac Asimov for an article about his new video game.”

“That’s great, but we can’t give out his number,” the Doubleday employee replied.

“No, no, he gave me his phone number,” bluffed Ardai. “But something got spilled on it and I just can’t read it.”

According to our data, Lexington, Kentucky is the most e-literate city in America. Congratulations, nerds!

Recently, a new form of reading elitism has come about: judgement against people who haven't yet switched from paper books to digital ones. Even I will confess to patronizingly acting surprised when encountering someone who still reads using the "dead tree format." If the self-appointed "elite" members of society avidly read, then the "elite of the elite" must avidly e-read, right? Who are these people and where do they live? That city must

Champaign, Ill.-based Sports Publishing LLC got its start in 1998 as a spin-off from Sagamore Publishing—publisher of parks, recreation and leisure textbooks—when the company published a biography of University of Illinois men’s basketball coach Lou Henson, a legend among basketball fans throughout the Midwest. The book was an instant hit, and a new company was born. Today, Sports Publishing puts out 80 titles annually, spanning college and professional teams and star athletes in almost a dozen sports. As vice president of sales and marketing, Dave Hulsey has been in sales and marketing since graduating from the University of Missouri in 1981. His career

For binding, it's not enough to be fast; it also has to be strong. That's why Muller Martini (www.mullermartini.com) teamed-up with digital printing provider Océ Printing Systems (www.oceusa.com). For the first time this year, Muller's AmigoDigital perfect-binding system linked to an Océ DemandStream 8090CX digital printing system with Hunkeler paper handling equipment. The result: A workflow that will produce commercial-quality paperback books in a single pass. "We maintain that quality quotient by incorporating into the AmigoDigital the same perfect binding techniques we use in our high-volume equipment," says Andrew J. Fetherman, manager of Muller Martini's Digital Finishing Division. Based on Muller Martini's

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