Nova Scotia

Yes, it makes your suitcase heavier. Yes, it takes up more space. But all the travel e-books and mobile app guides in the world put together are still less handy than a sturdy little guidebook you can hold in your hand.Among the various brands Frommers, Fodors, Lonely Planet, Moon, DK, Rick Steves and more there are likely enough volumes to pave China.Many of them publish in e-book form too, spinning travel advice through the digital realm. I am partial to print, but times are not good for the print travel guidebook. Their sales fell 28 percent in the last

Libraries on Nova Scotia's South Shore are boycotting Random House, one of the world's largest book publishers, over what they call unfair e-book pricing. The company began charging public libraries up to three times the retail price for downloadable books last month. For example, the price for libraries for a copy of Catherine the Great, Portrait of a Woman by Robert K. Massie spiked to $85 in late March from $30 in January, according to the website. People can buy the same book for $20 to $25, through Random House, Google Books, Kindle or Amazon. Troy Myers, CEO and

CBC News reports that some Nova Scotia libraries have begun boycotting Random House over a change to Random House’s e-book pricing for libraries. Earlier this year, Random House announced its plans to raise the prices on e-books bought for library loans, and despite an ALA statement asking the publisher not to do so, put it [...]

Anthony Crouch has a long line of publishing blood in his family, and now a major industry award under his belt. Anthony Crouch has lived and breathed publishing all his life. "I was drawn to the world of print and publishing through strong family connections," Crouch recalls. "My grandfather was a typesetter … and my grandmother was a bookbinder. My parents were both heavily involved in publishing." As an adolescent, Crouch founded a newspaper for his middle school. He was a bit apprehensive, however, when it came to pursuing publishing as a profession. "I tried several other possible career paths in England before

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