Arthur Klebanoff

When the former HarperCollins CEO Jane Friedman cofounded Open Road Media in 2009, the publisher was one of the first of its kind: The idea was that it would mine the backlist for books that had never been available as ebooks, snap up the digital rights and publish the ebooks for the first time, thus introducing authors like William Styron and Alice Walker to new audiences.

Nearly four years and 3,000 titles later (with an additional 1,000 titles under contract), the company is still focused around acquiring and marketing backlist titles.

Leading independent eBook publisher RosettaBooks today announced that it has been named publisher for AARP’s original eBooks. The 37-million-member nonprofit organization is an advocate for Americans 50+ on crucial issues such as healthcare

The biggest threat to selling digital intellectual property continues to be the looming threat of online piracy. RosettaBooks, the leading independent eBook publisher, has teamed with Digimarc Guardian(SM) in a case study on preventing piracy to be presented at the 2013 Digital Book World Convention + Expo.

The court battle between RosettaBooks and Random House has been well-documented in the media, extending beyond the circles of the book publishing industry. Round one of the imbroglio ended with Judge Sydney Stein's much-awaited decision that effectively gave the e-book publisher the right to electronically publish the works of previously published authors. But on September 13, 2001, the bell was soundly rung for round two when lawyers representing Random House filed a motion to appeal Judge Stein's ruling. The case continues to draw much attention due to the many ramifications that rest upon its final outcome. Taking time out of his busy schedule, CEO

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