Dustin Thomason

E-book sales have reached record levels, and revenues are way up, according to a report by the Open eBook Forum (OeBF), an international organization that monitors trades and standards for the e-publishing industry. Unit sales grew 46 percent to 421,955, while revenues were up 28 percent to $3.23 million, compared to the same quarter in 2003, according to OeBF. Twenty-four of the leading e-book publishers and retailers submit data to the OeBF, which uses the data to compile its report. The eBook Statistics Report is a quarterly report released by Open eBook Forum. "This quarter, e-books have hit a high mark for sales," says

After several reboots, e-book publishing is seeing signs of growth. Recent sales figures compiled by the Open eBook Forum (OeBF) have given publishers an indication of what the future holds. And that future might be now. For the first quarter of 2004, e-books posted double-digit growth (28 percent), and though revenue is projected to be a modest $13 million for the year, sales are rising, and the OeBF, an international trade and standards organization for the electronic publishing industry, began tracking sales of trade titles via a monthly bestseller list in March. Given all the optimism, publishers have taken a harder look at their

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