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Ellen Harvey is a freelance writer and editor who covers the latest technologies and strategies reshaping the publishing landscape. She previously served as the Senior Editor at Publishing Executive and Book Business.

Lynn Rosen talks to Brian Felson, President of BookBaby at BEA 2013.

(5/30/13) Lynn Rosen talks to Len Vlahos, Executive Director of the Book Industry Study Group, and Karina Luke, Executive Director of Book Industry Communication at the IDPF's Digital Book Conference.

Lynn Rosen talks with Bill Seifert from Quad/Graphics at the 2013 Publishing Business Conference in NYC.

If most of your effort is being spent on digital, but most of your revenues are still coming from print, you're not alone. Join Aptara's Chief Innovation Officer as he examines strategies and technologies for achieving the next level of discoverability and analytics that can be used to fuel your marketing reach and drive sales.

Pavan Arora and his guest Hitesh Chitalia, will discuss what publishers should be planning for now to protect their future bottom-lines, including:
- semantic strategies for creating more powerful metadata
- preparing content for the next level of SEO
- leveraging predictive analytics for elevating sales and marketing approaches
- practical steps for incorporating semantic strategies in your workflow

Whether you're struggling to close a digital revenue gap, or ensuring you are ready for the next evolution of eBooks, this webinar will help you fulfill the promise of digital.

Sponsored by Aptara

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The Independent Book Publishers Association, a not-for-profit membership association which provides advocacy and education for small to mid-sized and self-publishers, has passed a new code of ethics.

We are all thinking about the future, and trying to see through the haze of the crystal ball that will predict the future of our industry. Join us tomorrow as we convene the second get-together of our luminous Futurist Panel for a Futurist Friday conversation. 

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