Nan A. Talese

In short, the imprint is an imprint of authors. They all share a love of language beautifully used, a gift of storytelling and a passion for their subjects. It has been marvelous to see the readers of these superb writers increase through the years. Eventually Pat Conroy followed, even though I had only become his editor with "The Prince of Tides" at Houghton, where all his previous novels were published—he was truly a house author but had had a different editor for each book. However, we worked very well together.

So let's see. What's happened in publishing since the last issue of Book Business? Why don't I just take a peek into my inbox and browse the subject lines of Publishing Business Today (, the daily email newsletter of aggregated publishing news headlines James Sturdivant and I put together…

This week's book industry headlines were peppered with words such as "layoffs," "reorganization" and "cuts" as publishers responded en masse to the effects of the slumping economy. Among the announcements made this week:

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