Thor Sigvaldason

On Demand Books, the company behind the Espresso Book Machine, has signed  with Agate Publishing to make their titles available via the EBM’s unique at point-of-sale channel.

"Agate is looking forward to working with On Demand Books to make our titles available through the Espresso Book Machine. Increasing book sales while working with innovators like ODB is essential to our future success," said Doug Seibold, president of Agate.  "Espresso should make it possible for more of our books to be available at more local bookstores. This should be good for Agate's authors and our readers alike."

Eastman Kodak, On Demand Books, and ReaderLink announced they have partnered to revolutionize the way all types of printed books will be marketed, sold and produced at point of sale. The venture brings On Demand Books’ Espresso Book Machine to national retailers integrated with Kodak Picture Kiosks, giving consumers a full-service, digital-to-print media center for all their custom print needs—from photo books, custom/local self-published titles, to educational supplements, and more.

Local readers and writers packed into Politics & Prose on Wednesday night for the official launch of “Opus,” Washington, DC’s first print-on-demand Espresso book machine. It’s one of only a handful operating in independent bookstores worldwide.

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