William J. Pesce

On Tuesday, May 3, Book Business will present a free webinar, "Learn From Wiley's Legacy and Leadership," sponsored by Aptara. The webinar will feature John Wiley & Son's outgoing President and CEO William J. Pesce as well as Wiley's incoming President and CEO Stephen M. Smith in an engaging discussion moderated by Book Business Editorial Director Noelle Skodzinski. The event will begin at 2 p.m. EST.

It has been another year of increasing challenges and opportunities for book publishing executives as manufacturing and distribution costs escalate, and the media landscape shifts and shimmies before our very eyes. As costs continue their steep incline and new opportunities on the digital horizon demand more and more attention, many of you have been increasingly tasked with wearing additional hats—whether you’re the president, the head of operations or manufacturing, the production director, marketing director, or just about any other position. While publishing has never been a cakewalk (for most, anyway), it seems that now is a time when you certainly need to earn your

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