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The New Era of Book Marketing
March 1, 2011

Publishers and authors are attending the hot cocktail party of 2011, but none of them are wearing fancy dresses or tuxedoes.

Find Online Book 
Buyers Fast
March 1, 2011

Your website traffic will only grow when the crowds of would-be-interested Internet browsers begin to learn about your site, your books and your amazing content.

Avoid a Major Mistake in Online Marketing
January 1, 2011

I've built websites for countless companies, organizations, books, authors and publishers. During that time, I've seen hundreds of Web marketing tools come and go.

Kobo Makes E-reading Social With Reading Life
December 9, 2010

(Press Release) TORONTO, ON, December 9, 2010—Kobo, a global eReading service where users can read on any device anywhere in the world, today announced the launch of Reading Life, an industry first social eReading experience.

Copia iPad App Allows Book Clubs to Go Digital
December 7, 2010

(Press Release) NEW YORK, NY, December 7, 2010—For those who are already members of book clubs, the experience of reading just got even more social, interactive and digital. Now through Copia, the first social e-Reading experience that combines content, community and e-commerce, book clubs have gone virtual, allowing members to read each others thoughts in…