Borders Partners With Kobo to Deliver E-books
December 30, 2009

Borders Group, Inc. (NYSE: BGP) today announced a strategic investment and commercial partnership with Kobo, Inc., a global eReading service that is the newly named spin-off of Toronto-based Indigo Books & Music Inc.'s Shortcovers digital reading initiative.

Fast Stats
December 1, 2009

200 Number of Waldenbooks mall-based stores that Borders Group Inc. will close in January. One-hundred-thirty mall locations will remain open. According to a Borders press release, the retailer hopes the closings will result in “a smaller, more profitable mall chain in fiscal 2010.”

Minding the Store
September 1, 2009

If the Internet has taught traditional media anything, it’s that valuable content should be protected or it will quickly lose its worth. Letting music, news articles or whatever fall into the hands of those who do not value it has been toppling old media companies left and right, and is likely to continue. Take newspapers: Had their stories not been copied, pasted, snarked upon and uprooted far from their original sources (and the advertisers), there wouldn’t be nearly as many journalists in the unemployment line today.

50 Top Women in Book Publishing
May 1, 2009

From multimillion-dollar acquisitions to multimillion-dollar best-sellers, powerful women stand at every pivotal, decision-making point in the book publishing process. Book Business’ first annual “50 Top Women in Book Publishing” feature recognizes and honors some of these industry leaders who affect and transform how publishing companies do business, and what—and how—consumers read.

SPECIAL REPORT: The Transforming Booksellers’ Landscape
May 1, 2008

The biggest news in book retailing so far this year may be Borders’ opening its first “concept store,” a new generation of superstores unveiled in February in the company’s hometown of Ann Arbor, Mich. At 28,900 square feet, the new store—the first of 14 planned to open this year—does not skimp on size, and a lot of that space is taken up by innovative features: shop-within-a-shop “destination zones” for travel, cooking, wellness, graphic novels and children’s categories; bold, new architectural designs; and a “digital center” offering services ranging from book downloading to self-publishing. “Our mission is to be a headquarters for knowledge

Vickie Stringer: The Queen of Hip-Hop Lit
November 1, 2007

While her business card officially lists her as “Author/CEO,” Vickie Stringer has earned many other titles, both formal and informal, in the book publishing world—from founder of Columbus, Ohio-based Triple Crown Publications and Queen of Hip-Hop Literature to literary agent and marketing guru. Her publishing odyssey began in an unlikely setting: in a federal prison, while serving a seven-year sentence for drug trafficking. It was there that Stringer wrote her first novel, a semi-autobiographical account about a young, female hustler, called “Let That Be the Reason.” Once she was released from prison, she began to shop her manuscript to a variety of publishers.

Borders Group Hosts Employee Fiction-Writing Contest
August 17, 2007

Borders Group Inc. announced a writing contest offering all of its 30,000 employees a chance to become a published author under the company’s proprietary publishing program. Employees from Borders and Waldenbooks stores, distribution centers and the corporate office can submit manuscripts under any fiction categorys. A panel of judges will award the winning author a book deal and a listing in Borders’ “Shortlist,” an e-mail promotion that now reaches more than 19.5 million e-mail addresses. “Our employees are talented and creative individuals who have tremendous passion for books, and we believe that there are many who also have undiscovered writing talent,” says Rob Gruen,

Borders Group Inc. Enters the Publishing Ring
June 15, 2007

The first novel published by Borders Group Inc. under the company’s new exclusive book publishing program, “Slip & Fall,” by Nick Santora, hit shelves this week. The novel is Santora’s first and was selected by Borders’ merchandising team to be the first of many titles published and sold exclusively in its more than 1,000 Borders and Waldenbooks stores nationwide. “By publishing ‘Slip & Fall,’ Borders marks the launch of a new concept for our company that will differentiate us from other retailers and build customer loyalty,” said George Jones, Borders chief executive officer. “We are now working directly with the major talent and literary

Content Crossroads & Distribution Junction
February 1, 2007

The hot-button issues in the book industry today surround an increased focus on content and alternative forms of distribution. Publishers are still keeping a watchful eye on the Internet and the fear that it may replace the print-based distribution business in the future. But there appears to be a greater acceptance and realization that “content” is a publisher’s real asset, and that the delivery method means nothing if the content isn’t outstanding. An increased focus on content, book search tools, digital distribution, a declining print readership, increased used-book sales, rising fuel and paper costs, and decreasing bookshelf space in retail superstores are all

August 1, 2006

18,000 Based on preliminary figures from U.S. publishers, Bowker is projecting that U.S. title output in 2005 decreased by more than 18,000 to 172,000 new titles and editions. This is the first decline in U.S. title output since 1999, and only the 10th downturn recorded in the last 50 years. According to Bowker projections, however, 2004 numbers were a tough act to follow—it had the highest total of new titles and editions ever, and reflected an increase of 19,000 new books over 2003. Bowker, May 2006 No. 1 Great Britain, long the world’s per capita leader in the publication of new