Last week was the Society for Scholarly Publishing Annual Meeting in Arlington. With fantastic programming, more than 900 attendees, and an impressive list of exhibitors and sponsors, the meeting was a great success both for the audience and the Society! To give you a flavor of what was covered, we asked the Chefs:

What did you learn at this year's SSP Annual Meeting?

David Crotty: Probably the most important lesson I brought home from SSP was the humility that comes from listening to a panel of active researchers talk about where publishing fits into their lives.

Chapter 1: You stumble upon an interesting book at your neighborhood bookstore.

Chapter 2: You go home and order it from Amazon for half as much.

Chapter 9: Your favorite bookstore is bankrupt.

Booksellers call it “showrooming,” and it drives them crazy — and out of business. Barnes & Noble believes that 40 percent of its customers use the store as a place to discover and examine titles, but then buy the books online.

How might “real” bookstores fight back against their Amazonian nemesis?

Choosing a cover-material supplier or deciding to switch to a new provider can seem like a game that we don’t know how to play. Knowing what materials are available and which would work best for the look and feel you are trying to achieve for your next book project can be tricky ... and even risky. A bad decision can break a book—after all, aren’t books judged by their covers? Fortunately, representatives at most cover-material companies are available to walk you through the process helping you discover what qualities and features are most important for your needs. “So many questions have to be

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