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For 36 years, an undaunted Irwin Zucker, himself a public relations professional, has been hosting bi-monthly meetings of the Book Publicists of Southern California, bringing together at each event a hundred or so published authors and authors on the way: to share ideas, display their works, and to learn how to sell more books.

As with IBPA -- which started a few years later as the Publishing Association of Southern California (PASCAL), with then former PW Publisher Dick Bye as President and Jan Nathan as Executive director. It then became PMA and is now IBPA, a 3,000-member strong national organization -- Zucker reveled in the trenches of book publishing outside the mainstream channels. He brought enthusiasm, hope and know-how to equip authors with the tools to work around barriers to entry and, eventually, if they found a strong enough audience, to find their way into the mainstream; or, more often, to stay independent and pocket the proceeds and the glory on their own.

November is Jewish Book Month. Perhaps you have noticed or attended a Jewish Book Festival in your city or town; there are many across the country every November, from San Diego to St. Louis to Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Many of these events are coordinated by the Jewish Book Council, which annually auditions authors for the JBC Network at an event held in New York just before Book Expo. Those selected win coveted spots as readers at various national festivals.

Meanwhile, all year long, another organization is regularly seeking out Jewish authors and Jewish books, and sending them all across the country: a successful and growing non-profit called PJ Library.

[PRESS RELEASE] SAN DIEGO, Dec. 12, 2011—As the holidays approach, is pleased to debut its collection of holiday stories for children. now offers seasonal stories about celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and a combination of both holidays. The company is also offering a free story to military families during the holiday season., one of the most innovative concepts in children's book publishing, offers customizable stories in an online and printable format, allowing parents and caregivers to explain life's various events in a way that touches each

Qualcomm has been investing in a novel display technology called Mirasol since 2004.

The approach, called interferometric modulation, uses an electro-mechanical technology that winds up reflecting ambient light in a way often compared to the colors on butterfly wings.

Like the E-ink screen used in many e-readers, the Mirasol display is referred to in techie circles as “bistable.” Once it flips to bring up a new page of information, such a display essentially draws no power.

(Press Release) SAN DIEGO and SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 5, 2011, PRNewswire— Qualcomm Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM)  and Atheros Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATHR), today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement whereby Qualcomm intends to acquire Atheros, a leader in innovative technologies for wireless and wired local area connectivity in the computing, networking and consumer electronics industries.

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