South Dakota

"Go Set a Watchman" is breaking records for booksellers across the nation.

That includes the country's second-largest book store, which shares a home state with the book's author.

Books-A-Million (NYSE: BAMM) isn't saying exactly how many copies it has on pre-sale "for strategic reasons," according to CEO Terrance Finley. But it's the most-preordered novel in the company's history. The book did not beat out Harry Potter, which Books-A-Million calls a "children's" book.

"From a business perspective, we took the position that we had to make this ours, because we're an Alabama company," Finley said.

Amazon has created an interactive map that classifies each US state as "red" or "blue" based on the number of Republican or Democratic books that were purchased there.

If the map is any indication of how the elections will go, the Republicans are in for a sweeping victory, as the only "blue" states based on book purchases are New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The District of Columbia has also fallen under the "blue" category.

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