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Thad McIlroy is an electronic publishing consultant, analyst and author, and principal of The Future of Publishing. Since 1988, Thad McIlroy has provided consulting services to publishing and media companies, printers, prepress shops, design and advertising agencies, as well as vendors serving the publishing industry.

The Metadata Handbook is the first guidebook for book publishers outlining how metadata for books operates in the real world. Topics covered include: How metadata for books operates in the real world, Metadata fundamentals & the history of metadata for books and much more!

Notice anything different? Welcome to the newly redesigned February issue of Book Business magazine. This month features our special report on branding in book publishing, with strategies for niche publishers, general interest publishers, b-to-b publishers and beyond.

Lynn Rosen and J.S. McDougall talk to Penguin Classics, Chronicle, McSweeney's, Chelsea Green, HarperCollins Christian, O'Reilly, Harvard Common and Wharton School Publishing to get at the secret sauce of publishing house and brand, and why creating symbols that signify quality content is more imporant than ever before.

It's no surprise that there's a lot of confusion around metadata for books. It's complicated. If only they hadn't used the "M" word—metadata. It reeks of digital complexity. And then you read the standard definition: "Metadata is data about data." Gee, thanks. As if your eyes hadn't already glazed over.

We here on the editorial team of Book Business think of ourselves riding a figurative white panel van, sirens blazing, rushing to the scene of the latest book publishing happening. We come when you call us with news or concerns; we come when we hear of important developments. Once on the scene, we use our specialized training and tools to analyze news and trends and to unravel and clarify publishing business challenges and opportunities for our readers.

Columbus, OH, November 15, 2012 – DataCurate announces the publication of The Metadata Handbook, a one-stop guide for book publishers — large, small, and independent — offering help in understanding how metadata works and outlining the essential components of successful metadata creation and distribution.

Topics covered include:

  • How metadata for books operates in the real world
  • Metadata fundamentals & the history of metadata for books
  • Standards and best practices for creating and distributing accurate and comprehensive metadata
  • The basics of ONIX for Books, including ONIX 3.0
  • The basics of EPUB 3 metadata options
  • The latest metadata trends, including metadata for self-publishers.

The first comprehensive reference to publisher metadata, The Metadata Handbook includes a glossary of more than 150 industry and technical terms, a bibliography providing access to metadata documentation and further reading, and directories of industry organizations and vendors.

From the press release: Renée Register and Thad McIlroy announce the publication of their jointly authored handbook of metadata for book publishers. Renée Register is Principal of DataCurate, focused on supporting publishers in the development of 21st century data policies, practices, and systems designed to connect readers to content. Thad McIlroy is Principal of The Future of [...]

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