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Why Copyright Is Key to Future Publishing Innovation
April 22, 2015

At the London Book Fair on Thursday, Copyright Clearance Center presented, The Copyright Conundrum, a special talk led by Victoriano Colodron, senior director of international relations at CCC. The presentation outlined the paradox many publishers face: copyright is key to conducting the business of book publishing, but the digital revolution has made sharing -- regardless of copyright restrictions -- as easy as a single keystroke.

Opportunities for Publishers in The Common Core
February 25, 2014

The new Common Core standards, which are essentially descriptions of things kids should have learned and know by various ages and grades, are now being adopted and adjusted to by elementary and secondary schools across the country. Common Core, besides providing the standards, encourages the practice of educating kids using content not created expressly for an educational purpose. In other words, teach kids with regular books, newspapers, magazines, videos; not just with books and educational materials prepared by textbook publishers.

5 Predictions for Open Access in 2014
February 18, 2014

Rob Johnson is the founder and director at Research Consulting Limited and former head of research operations at the University of Nottingham. He will be leading a free webinar Open Access: The Journey So Far with the Copyright Clearance Center reviewing the progress of the OA movement and its future.

See You in September!
July 1, 2013

If you're doing what many Americans do this month, you're spending at least some of your time sitting on the beach reading a book. The "beach read" is an essential element of vacation planning, and we publishers work hard to get our books in those suitcases or on those not-quite-sand-proof ereaders. I suppose the quintessential beach read is a "trashy" novel, but for many it's just a good work of fiction, a compelling non-fiction read, or perhaps a trip back to the classics. Middlemarch, anyone?

How Bestselling Authors Use Email To Interact with Readers
June 6, 2013

At BookExpo America last week, Copyright Clearance Center business development director Chris Kenneally led a panel discussion called “Self-Publishing: Disruptor or Defender of the Book Business?” You can watch the CSPAN coverage of the event online....

May 1, 2013

As the Book Industry Study Group report "Student Attitudes Toward Content in Higher Education" suggests, things are changing, and fast, for higher education publishing. And the Supreme Court's decision in Kirtsaeng V. Wiley is only going to hasten the speed at which higher ed publishers move to digital platforms for course content.

Enter GinkgoTree, a fresh-faced start-up from a group of former academics who, after bemoaning the lack of a cheaper alternative to expensive textbooks and a more elegant alternative to online course packs, decided that theirs was the solution they were waiting for.

A New Brand of Book News: Book Business's Lynn Rosen on the Copyright Clearance Center's "Beyond the Book" Podcast
March 18, 2013

Earlier this year, Book Business magazine published a cover story titled "Who Are You?" that delved into the issue of publishers and branding. The story suggested that now—especially in this time of digital content and Internet discovery—book publishers need to get sophisticated about their branding efforts.

In the new installment of the Copyright Clearance Center's Beyond The Book podcast, Christopher Keanneally, the CCC's Director, Business Development (and a member of Book Business's editorial advisory board) interviews Lynn Rosen, Editorial Director of the Publishing Business Group.