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Trajectory, Inc. and Chinese online bookseller Dangdang (NYSE: DANG), announced a major partnership agreement. The partnership will allow Trajectory to further expand its leading global eBook distribution network with the addition Dangdang, the billion dollar a year Chinese bookseller who will be presenting Trajectory's English language catalogue of eBooks to its 4.5 million daily unique visitors. 

US bookstores may soon face competition from their northern neighbor. Indigo Books & Music, Canada's biggest bookstore chain, was one of North America's only big-box chain bookstores that survived the threats posed by e-reading and Amazon. Now, Indigo says it wants to expand in the US.

That's according to Chief Executive Officer Heather Reisman, who spoke withBloomberg in an article published Tuesday. "I want the stock back up at 20 and beyond, that's my ambition: make this thrive and then take it outside the country," Ms. Reisman told Bloomberg.

As I’ve said before, Gen Con’s reputation as the largest gaming convention in North America eclipses its status as one of the largest writing conventions in North America, offering guidance on all aspects of writing and publishing. On Monday, March 23, Gen Con’s CEO sent a letter (PDF) to Indiana’s Governor Mike Pence, warning that […]

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Last year, the release of the Hollywood adaptation of Gillian Flynn's 2012 novel "Gone Girl" propelled the book onto best-seller lists in several countries around the world. Millions of people bought it, but how many of them actually read it from cover to cover? The Toronto-based e-reading platform Kobo, which delivers digital books to 23 million people in 190 countries and is a competitor to Amazon Kindle, recently released statistics for 2014 that showed the best-selling books in the company's major markets and how frequently readers finished the titles they bought.

French photographer Franck Bohbot has created a marvelous series of photographs of the great libraries of Europe – although Harvard Public Library does feature as well – as part of an ongoing project called House of Books which will eventually expand to embrace South America, Asia and North America. “This is about the places that we have […]

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Apple is edging closer to declaring an all-out war against mega retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and CVS with its payment system. The big shopping chains do not want Apple butting into their customer relationship and have already rejected the use of Apple Pay. Yet despite the stringent opposition from the leading bricks and mortar players, Apple Pay is already more popular than all other NFC solutions combined after only one week of availability.

What makes many rival payment solutions so clunky is that you typically have to open an application to access them

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