David Hetherington

INTERQUEST, a leading market and technology research and consulting firm serving the digital printing and publishing industry, today announced a rich and diverse lineup of speakers and panelists for its second Frankfurt Digital Book Printing Forum. The full-day educational forum focuses on trends and opportunities in digital book manufacturing.

Each year, we conduct an annual reader survey to find out what you think of Book Business magazine and whether it's providing valuable information to help you in your publishing career. In that survey, we ask what resources we can provide you with via our Web site, BookBusinessMag.com. I am always surprised to read responses such as "job listings" or "news updates" or "a directory of solutions and software serving the industry"—because these are things we already offer online.

Effective cash management is critical to the health of any business, but the recession and associated credit crunch have made paying close attention to managing cash more important than ever.

The first step in the RFP process is to identify the companies you wish to consider as potential bidders for your distribution business. You have, essentially, two options: specialist firms that provide distribution services to book publishers, and book publishers who handle distribution for other publishers.

As the second quarter of 2009 drew to a close and a subdued BookExpo America winded to a conclusion, the news from the book publishing industry continued to be mixed at best and, in some cases, downright depressing.

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