Liliputing and Nate report Sony is experimenting with crowd-sourcing in Japan. A remote control device with an E Ink display will be first goody to come out of the experiment, if it goes into production. Here are details from Sony itself. In crowd-sourcing, I see a great opportunity for Sony not just in Japan but also elsewhere, including […]

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It's not just that Tsutaya feels more upscale than other bookstores. It's that it celebrates words and books, and the people who read and write them, in a thoughtful, seductive, and ultra-contemporary way.

Don't get me wrong: This is a business, not a cultural institution. It sells books from 7:00 am till 2:00 am every day of the week, closing only to clean and restock. And it's always packed. This first location has proved such a hit that another site has already opened in the Kanagawa area outside Tokyo

Amazon recently partnered with Land Rover, for example, to help distribute an ebook adventure story written for the brand by an established author, on the Kindle platform.

Dallaire said: "We saw very high engagement from customers in terms of reading it. It was not promoted as a pure advertisement, but rather content, and the author that created that content is what brought customers in to engage with it to begin with. It was a great learning for us.

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