Macmillan Parent Company Holtzbrinck Abandons DRM in Germany (The Digital Reader) Holtzbrinck is the parent company of Macmillan (which operates in the US, UK, and Australia), and in Germany it owns a number of publishers, including Droemer Knaur, Argon, Kiepenheuer & Witsch, Rowohlt and S. Fischer. According to my sources, all of Holtzbrinck’s German publishers […]

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I hope our UK-based readers acted quickly because your short-lived rule allowing you to legally rip personal CDs for backup reasons just evaporated. A bit of history for those of you in the US, who are still able to legally back up your CD purchases. Until last October, it was completely illegal in the UK. […]

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Here in the US the DOJ may have completed its investigation into the price-fixing activities of Apple and 5 major trade publishers and gone after the parties involved, but Canada is a different matter.

My contact with the Canadian Competition Bureau informed me today that its investigation into whether publishers and retailers may have conspired to raise ebook prices in Canada is ongoing and has not yet been resolved.

Rather, the investigation has expanded to include Kobo, Penguin, and Apple.

The Quarto Group has launched a new consumer-facing website to promote its global publishing programme, and will start selling direct to customers in the UK this autumn.

The site will showcase and make available titles published by Quarto Publishing UK, and Quarto Publishing Group USA, and marks a continuation of Quarto's strategy to strengthen its brand. In 2013 Quarto rebranded its UK publishing business Aurum Publishing Group as Quarto Publishing Group UK, with c.e.o. Marcus Leaver describing the move as a "consumer-led approach". Earlier this year Quarto rolled out a create-your-own cook-book website"This is Your Cookbook".

Toronto, ON - July 6, 2015 - Wattpad, the world's largest community of readers and writers, and Harlequin, one of the world's most recognizable names in romance, have teamed up for the 2015 So You Think You Can Write (SYTYCW) contest. For the first time ever, the annual romance writing competition has launched on Wattpad, with writers around the world able to submit their manuscript on Wattpad for a chance to win a two-book publishing deal with Harlequin.

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