E-Marketing Strategy: 3 Tips for Winning Buy-In for Your Content Marketing Strategy

I hate marketing. And, I’m not always the brightest bulb in the marquee.

These are things I’m happy to admit. In fact, I admit both a bit too freely. Case in point: Last year, after selling my Internet marketing firm, Catalyst Webworks, and publishing my eighth book, #Tweetsmart, I interviewed for a digital marketing position with a national company. I sat at the table with the company’s director of marketing. I cheerfully spouted off about all the things I spout off about in this column: branding, valuable content, community building, discovery marketing, and so on. During my rambling I watched as the director’s face fell from agreeable to annoyed. After just a few minutes—about the time I gleefully said, “It sounds funny, but I hate marketing”—the director said, “I don’t have any more questions. Thanks for coming in.” He stood, shook my hand, and walked out. Stupidly, I was surprised. I removed my boot from my mouth, and walked out as well. Also, if you can believe it, I didn’t get the job.

Despite all my years in marketing, I committed a fatal mistake: I assumed executive buy-in where there was none.

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The director across the table from me was a traditional digital marketer. His stock and trade was purchased email lists, banner ad campaigns, pop-ups and SEO—all the stuff I railed against in the interview. I had inadvertently—and with a goofy smile on my face—insulted him.

Companies across the globe are full of executives who believe in the traditional model of digital marketing and may need a little convincing to recognize that times are changing. You may also find that these executives are a bit jittery because their once tried-and-true tactics are becoming less effective. The well of consumer patience for constant interruption is exhausted.

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