Book Business November/December 2010


6 Tools for Digital Success 
That Won’t Break the Bank

Publishers have long understood that the successful transition to a digital media organization requires sweeping changes.

eBooks ... By the Numbers

PDA has been increasingly adopted by libraries, and more digital distribution services are offering this as a purchase option.

Fast Stats

40% of printed hardcover and trade paperback books are remaindered or returned unsold to the publisher.

Five Ways to Increase Your Social Media Currency

Social media strategy must align with business goals, and for publishers, that's selling books.

Fourteen Tips To Increase E-Book Sales

While e-books are available instantly to anyone, anywhere, with a computer, smartphone or e-reader, online distribution on its own does not provide new-book awareness.

Promoting Literacy in the Digital Age

For those with businesses based on books and reading, it seems like a natural fit for book publishers to take up the literacy cause.

The ‘Green’ Company

Last year, Hachette Book Group launched an aggressive sustainability policy, working together with passionate colleagues and industry experts.

The Art of Inventory

Managing inventory is as much an art as a science, and like any art, a number of tried-and-true techniques exist that publishers may want to consider.

The Importance of Idea 
Sharing in Times of Change

The Book Business editorial staff recently completed one of my favorite exercises: reviewing the responses to our reader survey that we e-mail annually to our subscribers.

Thirty-Six Tips for Developing a Successful Mobile Publishing Strategy

With the expansion of the smartphone market, mobile seems poised to fulfill its promise as the next great frontier in publishing.